Clear and Healthy Eyes Tips

Eyes that look clean and clear looks more appealing than a cloudy and deep red eyes. Here are some tips to get your eyes clear and healhty.

Clear and Healthy Eyes Tips:
  • Many people always provide eye drops wherever they go. Problems that may arise is the eye will get used to rely on eye drops help. Though tears is important as a lubricant. The solution is to use long endurance eye drops so you do not need too often dripping the eye drops.
  • Soak the eyes regularly in a soaking solution of the eyes every night to clean the eye from the remnants of dirt throughout the day. It is also beneficial soothing tired eyes.
  • If you use contact lenses, make sure it clean. The dirt will make infection in the eye. Likewise if you use eye makeup, first wear your contact lenses before using makeup so that makeup does not stick on contact lenses. You should also always use eye drops specifically for contact lenses.
  • If you routinely use eye drops or boorwater, you should always keep it clean. Especially the tip of the bottle drops and boorwater container to avoid germs breeding. You should not exchange eye drops and boorwater container with contact lens container. Clean regularly with boiling water and then dried.
  • Consume nutritious food, rich in fiber and contain lots of vitamin A


  1. That's a great point about applying makeup after you've put your contacts in. My wife wears contacts & every now and then she'll get some irritation. I'm wondering if it's because a speck of eye liner might have got into her eye. Another issue I've heard about is not having properly fitted contacts. I believe some optical professionals will do contact lens fittings, that could also prevent irritation. http://www.studiooptics.net/our-optometrists.html


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