Did you know the function of Tears?

Did you know that the tears that came out of our eyes has many benefits both physically and mentally? Here are some benefits of tears:

  • Assist Vision
    Tears turned out to help the eyesight. Tears can prevent dehydration in the eye membrane that could make the vision become blurred.
  • Killing Bacteria
    Tears serve as a natural antibacterial. Without eye drops, eye actually already have their own protection. Contained in the tear fluid called lisozom that can kill bacteria that approximately 90-95% in just five minutes left. For example, bacteria are absorbed from the computer keyboard, railing, sneeze, and the places that contain bacteria.
  • Improving Mood
    Crying can reduce levels of depression. With tears, the mood will be lifted again. Tears are produced from crying because of overflowing of feelings or emotions contained 24% protein, albumin, which is useful in regulating the body's metabolism system back. Tears of this type is definitely better than tears resulting from irritation of the eyes.
  • Removing Toxins
    A biochemist William Frey has conducted several studies about tears and found that the tears that came out because of emotional cry contains toxic. That suggests that it brought the poison from the body and out through the eye.
  • Reduce Stress
    How crying can reduce stress? Tears that turned out also release stress hormones in the body which contained leucine-enkaphalin endorphin and prolactin. In addition to lowering levels of stress, tears also help fight diseases caused by stress such as high blood pressure.
  • Build Community
    In addition to good physical health, crying can also help someone build a community. Usually someone in tears after telling the problem in front of his friends or someone who can provide support, and this can increase the ability to communicate and socialize.
  • Comforting feeling
    It seems that everyone feels this after crying. After crying, many problems and temptations of whack, resentment and anger, and hurt feelings are usually reduced and appeared relieved.
    Someone experienced relief after the cry comes as the limbic system, brain and heart to become fluent. Therefore, remove the problem in the mind with tears

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