right ways to choose contact lenses

Contact lenses can help improve your vision, but, without a good maintenance, especially if you are not properly cleaned and replaced, then the eye can become irritated, even worse.
There are many types and designs, making it possible to wear comfortably and obtain good vision.
Contact lenses are made from several types of plastic materials, but generally divided into two groups: soft contact lenses (from a plastic material with a gel-like consistency) and gas-permeable contact lenses (from a plastic material with a consistency harder, with better air absorption ).
These two groups have various strengths and weaknesses, here are a few examples so you can select the appropriate type for you.

  1. Soft type
  • Advantages: Flexible lens (convenient to use), comfortable to use (time adjustment over a minute), available   one-time use disposable form, sticking better to the eye, even in hard activity.
  • Disadvantages: Usage period for a while, needing more replacements, not effective for some vision problems such as high levels of Astigmatism.

2. Gas-permeable type
  • Advantages: Vision correction more leverage, more long-term use, not require frequent replacement, a better absorption of oxygen (good for your eye health)
  • Disadvantages: more uncomfortable to wear (long time adjustment), easily displaced from the central position of your eyes.

These tips may be useful for those of you who want to choose Contact Lens.

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