The Origin of Tears

Derived from the blood
Tears, clear liquid that is colorless or transparent actually derived from the blood. When the tears will come out, we can feel the blood flowing up to the head and then become tears. Although the tears came from the blood, tears are colorless red. This is caused when the blood come into the tear gland, the cell wall work to filter red elements contained in red blood cells and produce a clear liquid called with tears.

Tears taste different
Did you know that taste, quantity, and composition contained in tears were different when sad or happy? Tears that come out when happy or sad can be said as a means to release or express feelings. Tears come out when we feel relax is out in large numbers, tasteless, and contains much potassium. When we feel sorry or angry, tears are relatively few in number and taste salty because it contains lots of sodium.

The origin and final destination of tears
Every time a wink, there are a number of tears that flowed to surface of the eye. When eyes were dry, we winked. In one minute, someone winked more or less as much as 15-20 times. At the same time tears wet the surface of the eye without us realizing it. As many as 10 percent of the tears that flowed to the surface of the eye and serves to keep the eye surface moisture is evaporated. While 90 percent of the remainder will flow through a small channel in the inner eye. After that, the tears are flowing through a small gland that connects between the eyes and nose, and eventually flow through the nasal tract and accumulated in nose. After using the eye drops the base of the tongue felt something bitter. This occurs because the eye drops passes through the same route with tears, and sometimes after going through the nose, the drug flow into the mouth.

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