Recognizing Cataract

Cataract is the process of turbidity that occurs in all or part of the eye lens. The cause of cataract is due to aging, accident, disturbance in body metabolism due to prolonged illness, congenital or even toxic. Symptoms of a cataract patient is perceived by the foggy vision, glare, pupils look cloudy when viewed with the aid of light.

Cataracts are divided into several types:
  • Senile cataract: the cataract that may arise after the age of 40 years, the process must still unknown, allegedly due to aging.
  • Congenital cataract: cataracts that arise since in the womb, or arising after the birth. Generally caused by infection, and metabolic disorder at the time of formation of the fetus. Congenital cataracts are often caused by maternal infection during pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy.
  • Traumatical Cataract: cataracts that can strike all ages, usually because of post-trauma caused by sharp objects or blunt object hitting the eye, especially on the lens.
  • Cataract Complications: is attributable to post-cataract eye infections.
    Cataract Handling 
    Cataracts can be overcome by lifting the cloudy lens. There are several techniques for operations performed in hospitals. Operations with wide sliced and conventional sutures, or with a small incision without sutures. Lenses were collected using Phaceomulcification tool(small incision surgery). The choice of techniques of this operation depends on the level of the hardness level of the lens. After the cataract lens is taken, the patient can only count fingers at a distance of one meter, except for patients with the lenses replaced. 
    Lenses Replacement: 
  • After cataracts surgery, patients were given positive glasses or contact lenses approximately 10 diopters.
  • Patients were installed with planting lens. the benefits are patient can see clearly after the operation, no need to wear thick glasses lens, distortion of light can be eliminated.

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