10 Myths About Contact Lenses

There is many myths about contact lenses. This makes many people hesitate to wear contact lenses. Human Eyes Info presents 10 myths and facts about contact lenses. Hopefully this can eliminate the doubts for those who want to wear contact lenses.
  1. Wearing contact lenses might be painful
    Soft contact lenses are designed with the comfort of the wearer comfort as the primary concern. Many seasoned contact lens wearers forget that they are even wearing contact lenses when they are in their eyes. Although it is common for contact lens wearers to feel a new sensation in their eyes when they wear contact lenses for the first time, the eyes will soon grow accustomed to the contact lenses.

  2. Contact lenses could become stuck to my eye
    Contact lenses are designed not to stick to your eye. If you are experiencing difficulty in removing your contact lenses, it is likely that they have been worn for too long and have become dry. This is easily remedied by adding a few drops of contact lens eye drops to the contact lens. This will lubricate the contact lens and loosen it. The contact lens should then be easy to remove.

  3. I won't be able to get contact lenses into my eyes
    Learning how to insert contact lenses into your eye does take a little practice. Your Optician will ensure that you are fully trained in how to do this before they prescribe you with contact lenses. Putting your contact lenses in soon becomes a quick and simple habit for people.

  4. Contact lenses often fall out and get lost
    Whilst this is not impossible, it is very unlikely. If your contact lenses have been properly fitted then the chance of your contact lenses falling out is minimised.

  5. Contact lenses cause eye infections
    If you follow the guidelines of both your Optician and the manufacturer of your contact lenses accurately then there is a very low risk of experiencing any adverse effects of contact lenses. To ensure that your contact lenses are not causing your eyes any damage it is essential that you have a contact lens examination with your Optician every 12 months.

  6. Contact lenses could get lost inside or behind my eye
    It is absolutely impossible for your contact lenses to get lost inside or behind your eye. A thin membrane which stretches between the eyelids covers the eye. Contact lenses sit in front of this membrane and the membrane is more than strong enough to prevent contact lenses from moving behind the eye.

  7. Contact lenses cost a fortune
    Contact lenses have come down in price dramatically over the past few years. Different prescriptions will require different contact lenses with different price tags so it is hard to say in general how much contact lenses cost.

  8. I won't be able to get contact lenses which are powerful enough for my eyes
    Manufacturers produce a vast range of contact lenses to cater for all kinds of prescriptions. Contact lenses are available which correct myopia (short sightedness), hyperopia (long sightedness), presbyopia, astigmatism and most combinations of the above.

  9. Only adults can wear contact lenses
    Many contact lens wearers are teenagers and children. There is no medical reason for under-18s not to wear contact lenses. However, for non-adults to be legally fitted with contact lenses in the UK they must have the approval of a parent or guardian.

  10. Contact lenses require a difficult and time-consuming care programme
    Daily disposable contact lenses require no cleaning at all since they are worn once and then replaced. Two-weekly and monthly wear contact lenses must be cleaned with contact lens solution and stored in a contact lens case. This is a simple process.

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