Healthy Eyes for Healthy Life

Losing one of our five senses is a real tragedy, especially when you're talking about the eyes. Life will make little sense at all if you won't be able to see the beauty of the world you are living in. Having healthy eyes is the foundation of healthy life, but modern lifestyle and habits are undermining your vision. If you want to gain a pair of bright and healthy eyes, you may as well form some good habit and get rid of some wrong point of view. Here are some very easy-to-do tips for you.....

  • Eyes need moisture as well as the skins. Many people feel their eyes very dry, itchy, tired, and burnt. The patients of this eye disease are mainly students, computer operators, office workers, and drivers. Eye experts said, healthy eyes have main and vice tear ducts which will secrete tears naturally to moisten the eyeballs. If the climate is rather dry, the tears would evaporate quickly. In addition to the dry environment, air pollution, long-time stay in the air-conditioned space, and over-use of eyes all could add burden to the eyes and cause the tears decrease fast, and it will result in eye dryness.
    • Eyes should get protection from strong sunlight. Excessive UV radiation will lead to the formation of eye wrinkles, cataract, and other eye diseases. Therefore, when you go outside, you’d better put on a pair of metal glasses or eyeglasses with anti-UV lenses to protect the eyes.
    • Renew the cosmetics in time. When you open a new bottle of mascara, bacteria have already invaded it. After several times of open and close, more and more bacteria will enter into your cosmetics. When the cosmetics enter into the eye along bacteria, the eyes will get infected. Therefore, you'd better replace the cosmetics after six months, and mascara should be renewed about three months.
        • Unsuitable diet will harm the eyes. In order to stay slim or fit, you may go on a diet. However, the wrong way of getting down weight will be harmful to the eyes. It is pointed out by some researches that fresh vegetables and fruits contain rich vitamin E, vitamin C, pro-vitamin A and zinc, which could prevent some eye diseases and eye wrinkle. If you go on a diet, it is right to reduce the take-in of fat and starch and at the same time to have more fresh vegetables and fruits. But it is wrong to replace main food with all vegetables and fruits.
          • Don't stare at your computer screen too long Try to take a break from staring at your computer screen: it's important to give your eyes a break to prevent headaches, blurry vision and dry eye. Also, try to keep your monitor dust and fingerprint free as both can reduce clarity and cause eye strain. Sit 50-60 cm away from your screen Make sure you sit about 50-60 cm away from your computer screen and that there is no light reflecting off the monitor. Take a break If working for long periods in front of a monitor, try and take a break every 20 minutes to half an hour.
            These are only five aspects. Have you already notice their harm to the eyes? If so, you must stop these wrong doings and form good habits to gain a pair of healthy eyes. 

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